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NodeJS Developer 

TL;DR: Late-early-stage startup (software is available, first paying customers are in) seeks lead developer (potential co-founder). Software application is for live broadcast graphics. 2 current co-founders, one CEO one CTO. Amazing JS codebase. Just finished Startup Bootcamp Media business accelerator in Amsterdam. Seeking development power and potentially a co-founder to run the business with.


Job description

About the product:

Holographics, unlike what the name would suggest, actually is entirely unrelated to holograms. The name was inspired by the kind of virtual UI / overlays you might see in sci-fi movies. The idea for the application was born out of an internal need, we built it, skip a few years and we're now selling it as a standalone application. There's a free version you can actually go ahead and download right now on

About the founders:

We are Thom (34) and Floris (28). We have a collective 20+ years of business experience in a field we've named (just now): broadcasting meets web. Both of us have had prior startups, including the still-active company Stream My Event we built together over 4 years, but this is the first time we're in a business accelerator programme. We're in week 2 now and learning LOADS. We're looking to raise seed funding in the next 6 months to be able to continue building the company.

If you want to hear more about our company, the industry context we're exploiting (broadcast industry = lack of innovation), our competition etc, we're happy to send you more info.

Our technology stack is pretty fucking cool if you ask Floris:

- Tabs and not spaces
- Closed-source distributables for Windows and OS X
- ElectronJS wrapped NodeJS
- VueJS frontend (Bootstrap4-based)
- Packed and obfuscated with Webpack, in-app updates and binaries with electron-builder
HTTP REST, and OSC API's dynamically generated by service architecture. Node SDK too.
- Mocha test suite with unit & integration tests
- ESLint & Prettier
- TravisCI with continuous release cycle (see
- VueJS-based store with serverless architecture on Amazon (see

If you get excited just reading the above, and if you're not put-off by considering tabs above spaces, you might just be the person we are looking for.

We differ from most startups in that we already built most of the product and have paying customers. What we are looking for is someone to help us grow the business, advance the existing technology to the next level and work towards growing the company whilst we're still in this pre-funding stage; we're currently raising seed money. 

Job requirements

What we are looking for:

- Let's be honest, startup life can be very not for everyone. We're looking for someone who, in the long term, wants to run and own a business with us.
- Let's be honest, startup life can be pretty amazing and rewarding. You'll be pushing your comfort zone continuously and will never have a day without learning.
- We don't give a damn about your age or prior experience, so long as you can code and have a business mindset.
- In-fact, if you've worked in a massive company for 25 years and liked it, we're probably not a match.

What we are offering:

- We're looking for someone to help us out early 2020, firstly building some features we need to convert a larger chunk of our early adaptors.
- We'll offer a short project based contract (freelance or pay roll).
- In the long run we're offering potential co-ownership.

- Join a small team of developers (Floris) push a small but industry-leading product forward.
- Gain lifelong, fast-paced startup experience right at the source. Startup Bootcamp has provided us with with some pretty unique training and experience over the last 3 months.
- If we do not die a fiery death in the first 12 months you'll likely be code-jedi-master of the company for the rest of eternity.

- With that said, you are NOT joining an IDEA. The software is out there and we have paying customers. We are validated in many ways, we just need to grow.